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ともにつくる Create together ともにそだてる Grow together ともにたべる Eat together ともにあそぶ Play together ともにすごす Stay together ともにたのしむ Enjoy togethe

Gen&Co.  ゲンカンパニーとは?




2013年 Gen&Co. ゲンカンパニー

What is Gen & Co. about?

Gen & Co. produces a better lifestyle by reviving what we have and bringing it back to our hands again. We care to create, grow, eat, play, stay and enjoy. 

The members  have been continuously discussed their preferred way of life and work. Little by little each of them has realized the lifestyle they wanted to appreciate, and creates work for themselves in the field of his or her specialty, while supporting each other.

This relationship has evolved into Gen & Co.

Gen & Co.   2013

PROJECT プロジェクト

Gen & Co. aims to connect the people, objects and local community by projects such as, renovation of an old farmer house to the activity hub, design/construction/supervision of houses and interiors by reviving what we have, creating new forms from the aged materials and scraps with full of stories, giving workshops to connect people while introducing our technics and knowledges and organizing artist-in-residence programs to let happen cultural exchanges between artists and the local community.


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〒061-1402 北海道 恵庭市春日94-1


94-1 Kasuga, Eniwa, Hokkaido 061-1402, JAPAN

ゲンカンパニー アムステルダム / Gen&Co. Amsterdam

Marco Polostraat 268-3, 1056DR Amsterdam, The Netherlands